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Canova Prize

What’s Canova Prize?
Waiting for the award completely dedicated to contemporary art.

It is now customary that Canova, promoter of the homonymous prize, identifies itself, in an important international city, making it a cultural HUB and a center of appreciation for artists from all over the world. In this edition the attention has been focused on the city of New York that with its characteristic underground life, will host the selected artist with their creations.
Several languages of contemporary expression will be allowed  among which fifty works will be selected, which have always constituted the heart of the Canova Prize.

The idea that underlies Canova Prize is to summarize in New York, the new artistic and cultural infuences coming not only from the western world and from Europe but also from Russia and the Asian continent, to give life to a comparison and a choral dialogue that can be expressed through the all-encompassing language of art: this is precisely in the nerve center of a complex system, that of contemporary art, which finds its bulwark in the Big Apple.

Therefore, Canova Prize stands as the idea of a bridge between the different world artistic cultures, mediated by an Italian team of experts and professionals in the art sector, which actively operates in the field of events and cultural projects with the only objective to promote art in all its forms and to do it in a place that is the symbol of freedom of expression.

This year Canova Prize will be hosted in an art gallery in Lower Manhattan, one of the most fascinating exposure location in the Big Apple, specialized in exhibitions and fine art events.


ADDRESS: 393 Broadway, New York NY 10013

WHEN: 06.20.2018 – 06.24.2018

OPENING: June 20 2018 | 6.30 pm